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Philizz is a Dutch based video editor who started mixing yearmixes in 2002.
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Het actuele weerbeeld in Beverwijk.

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Welcome to Philizz

The old Joomla website is dead and can't be revived. Welcome to retroland.
This website only shows the most recent releases, and it's basic torrent links. For other mixes, please visit my Mixcloud.

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Read on for more information or other Frequently Asked Questions about my mixes.

Yearmix 2022

Part I


DOWNLOAD MP3 only (via HearThis)

Part II
Coming soon.

Part III
Coming soon.

Decademix Episode 3

Download HD / mp3 Torrent (Use Rightclick -> Save As. If this doesn't work try Firefox)

The Powermix

I proudly present you: The Powermix!

Over the years I've saved up quite some gems that didn't fit in my Common Time mixes since they were all, like a waltz, composed in so called threequarter time signature (or 6/8).

This mix has grown out to be one of my favorites. It has turned out into a full musical journey in three chapters.
The first takes you through previously unmixable power ballads from nuw until half a century ago, slowly building up to chapter 2, and finally speeding up to modern day dance and trance.

As a bonus...
It includes 2 mini episodes with their own set of visual design:
* Back to the 90s Episode 8
* Heroes of the Zer00s Episode 13!
Should I have started with that?

Try it on your headphones once, there are some truly hypnotizing tracks and visuals towards the end if you have the stomach for it.

Finally, I hope you will have as much fun watching this experience as I had during the production of it.

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Philizz Podcast: Making of a Yearmix

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