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Philizz is a Dutch based video editor who started mixing yearmixes in 2002.
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Het actuele weerbeeld in Beverwijk.

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If you have a question that does not appear on this page, contact me on Facebook.

What software do you use for your mixes?

To extrude the different audio layers (like seperate vocals, drum layers etc) from every song I use Spleeter. I recombine whatever I need or want in Adobe Audition, this is also where I do my multitrack mixing.
When the audiomix is finished I continue my mission in Adobe Premiere to put the music videos in place.
Finally the design and optional lower thirds (songtitles) are made in After Effects.
I have very limited Photoshop and website skills, but I can get some stuff done in good old PSP7.

How much time do you spend on a mix?

For every minute of mix that you see I need 60 minutes of audio editing and about 15 minutes of video editing.
This is not all that's needed for a good transition or mix. I do months of extensive research into all songs (like analizing BPM and key) and pull every mp3 apart by splitting it into seperate layers for drums, acapella vocals, bass synthlayers etc.
If I have time to work on a mix fulltime (up to 70 hours a week) a full 1 hour videomix takes me at least 200 hours - a full month or 2!

Why are your videos not on Youtube?

Youtube algorhythms automatically detect if you used copyright protected music video content in your product. Therefor my mixes are most often directly banned by Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and recently even on Facebook.
Hosting mixes on my own server is expensive in terms of very much datatraffic. Therefor I regularly upload my mixes to ok.ru, a Russian social network website who doesn't seem to care what you put up there (for now).


Why can't I find your DVDs anymore?

DVD is an obsolete medium which has been surpassed in quality by HD MP4 releases. Therefor it is no longer needed to downscale my mixes to DVD quality. Besides, my software no longer supports DVD format (Adobe Encore has been discontinued for years now) - and I don't even own a working dvd burner or reader anymore so I couldn't even test my DVDs. Also, converting to DVD was very time consuming, time better spent on mixing...

How do I download your mixes?

Every mix that I upload to my website (www.philizz.nl) comes with a small downloadlink directly underneath the video. This could either be a direct torrent, or a torrent file in a zip file. If your browser blocks the download or it simply doesn't show up, try rightclicking -> Save as. If none of this works, try installing the latest version of Firefox.
Uploads in other formats or platforms are no longer supported for I don't have the time, bandwidth or access to places like usenet and megaupload.

What happened to your website?

The Joomla website (2012-2020) broke down permanently. It can't be updated with new releases, it can't be fixed. With my very limited html knowledge I managed to pull back my old website from before 2008 but as a videomixer I don't have the time or knowledge to invest into creating a brand new website. Besides, the current retro theme kind of 'fits' the kind of content I produce.


If you have a question that does not appear on this page, contact me on Facebook.